Bill Weinberg, Senior Director, Open Source Strategy, Black Duck Software


Bill helps Fortune 1000 clients create sound approaches to enable, build, and securely deploy open source software across the enterprise, in the cloud, and on intelligent devices. With a career spanning over thirty years, Bill’s expertise bridges open source business and technology, development tools, application and system security, mobile/embedded software, and the Internet of Things.

Prior to Black Duck, Bill ran his own open source consultancy, Linux Pundit. Earlier, as General Manager of the Linux Phone Standards Forum, he worked to establish standards for mobile telephony middleware. As a founding team-member at MontaVista Software, he pioneered Linux as leading platform for intelligent and mobile devices and as Senior Analyst at OSDL (today, the Linux Foundation), he ran Carrier Grade and Mobile Linux initiatives and worked closely with foundation members and open source community participants.

Bill’s security resume covers both national defense and cyber-security. He has worked closely with DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency) on multiple initiatives and contributed to the USAF DII-COE, engaged with the US Navy to implement secure collaboration for classified applications and numerous other defense projects, elaborated security product strategy for suppliers of embedded platforms and tools, introduced products and platforms based on SE Linux / SE Android and virtualization. Currently he shares responsibility for security strategy at Black Duck, focusing on applications for software composition analysis in the enterprise and securing automotive, IoT and other device software. A prolific author and a busy speaker, Bill has published and spoken on topics that include secure/verifiable and trusted systems, secure enterprise mobility, development best practices, open source hygiene and the Internet of Things. Learn more at