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Keynote: Protecting the Connected Car

The benefits of owning a connected car are not likely to arrive without addressing well recognized security concerns. Just the thought of a cyber-attack acting on a highway full of cars or the cloud providing key connected safety services is scary to consumers, OEM’s, government agencies and regulators. Will “hacking” into the vehicle provide an entry point for more sinister threats by “the bad guys” allowing them to gain access to personal information and infrastructure services drivers will depend on sharing? This keynote sets the tone for conference sessions which follow where moderators and panelist discuss and debate how the automotive ecosystem is gearing up to mitigate cyber security threats. Speaker: Dr. Florent Frederix, European Commission Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology

9:30 AM

Automotive Cyber Security – a European Perspective

Security and related privacy are considered a right of citizens in most of the world, the question is how will the automotive industry develop protective technology fast enough to meet customer expectations, and who will pay for it? This keynote address will present the EU Commission perspective on prioritizing the topic and how government and industry can collaborate to solve the technical and societal challenges.

Moderator: Pietro Boggia, Principal Consultant, Automotive & Transportation, EIA, Frost & Sullivan

  • Antonio Kung, Chief Technology Officer at Trialog
  • Fabio Martinelli Ph.D., National Research Council of Italy Chair of WG3 of the NISP
  • Dr. Florent Frederix, European Commission Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology
  • Frank Kargl, Professor for Distributed Systems, University of Ulm and University of Twente, Scientific Coordinator PRESERVE

10:30 AM

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Privacy Laws – The Impact to Product and Service Designs

This presentation will expose the key interconnect between security, privacy, and safety in the car - which becomes the key to enabling a new differentiation for automakers, not a handicap. While an infrastructure of legislation may be needed to ensure consistency across the industry, the real value to consumers and brand retention comes from this unique combination of product features and an ongoing relationship with the automaker to consumer. Discover how these features can be built into the vehicle, rather than added on later - a characteristic of cars we have grown to expect.

Speaker: Antonio Kung, Chief Technology Officer at Trialog

11:30 AM

What Just Happened to My Car?

In this talk, panelists will discuss the consumer mindset regarding changes that will or can occur to their vehicle over its lifetime. Specifically, the software changes that will occur in a world of Over-The-Air (OTA) updates. Does the consumer want their vehicle to be updated and will this impact brand loyalty? Will they accept that their vehicle is different one year, two years or even five years after the original purchase date? How can OTA help to protect the connected car following a malicious attack or uncovered vulnerability?

Moderator: John Ellis, Principal at Ellis & Associates

  • Javier Vazquez Vidal, Embedded Systems and Hardware Security Specialist at Tesla Motors
  • Isabelle Chatelier, Head of Legistative Policy EU at European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS)

12:30 PM

Networking Lunch

2:00 PM

Securing the Connected Car – A Look at Past, Present & Future

Security of the car is already being challenged, no longer as a theft of the vehicle, but now as a potential theft of data. Cars are difficult to steal today due to improved key security and lock improvements. How will this continue as the attack surface increases when connecting the car directly to the internet? Why is the car such an attractive target for intruders, mostly white hat today but moving to black hat? Also, since the car generates gigabytes of data every hour, who owns that data and who cares?

Speaker: Anuja Sonalker, Ph.D, Vice President of Engineering & Operations, North America Automotive Cyber Security Group for TowerSec

3:00 PM

Automotive Security – New Rules for the Road – Projects and Initiatives Underway

Starting with a review of security “how-to” from non-automotive perspective, this talk highlights a number of prevailing gaps in relation to the automotive cybersecurity and how the knowledge from the other industrial domains can be exploited in the automotive industry to bridge the gaps. Next, the talk briefly presents a number of automotive security projects and initiatives underway by research consortiums as well as automotive consortiums and standardization organizations worldwide. This talk concludes by presenting how a master plan may evolve benefiting the automotive industry that will help take on the challenge holistically.

Speaker: Dr. Mafijul Islam Ph.D., Technology Specialist, Advanced Technology and Research, Volvo Group Trucks Technology, Volvo Group

4:00 PM

Networking Break

4:15 PM

Collaboration – Staying One Step Ahead!

The successful deployment of an in-car cyber security strategy will require collaboration between numerous stakeholders, including OEMs, suppliers, service providers, developers and government. This session will focus on the partnerships, alliances and other collaborative efforts that are facilitating major developments in the sector. Carmakers are unsure exactly how to solve the problem and the costs are unknown. The recent hiring frenzy going on across the automotive manufacturing community shows they are ready to invest. Learn where those investments will pay off.

Moderator: Richard Robinson, Director AMCS Global Automotive Practice, Strategy Analytics

  • Georg Doll, VP/GM Automotive at Wind River
  • Karl Heimer, Principle at Autoimune
  • Fabien Hernandez, Software Architect at PSA Peugeot Citroën
  • Dr. Michael Müller from Argus Cyber Security as well as founder and CEO of Magility GmbH & Co. KG

5:30 PM

Demonstration Showcase & Networking Reception